Selling Your Business

Price, Process, & Planning

This webinar begins in:

2022/12/06 10:00:00

When: This Webinar takes place Tuesday, December 6th, 10AM Eastern

What we’ll discuss:

In this three part webinar series, join Tim Dalton, an M&A Advisor with over 20 years experience brokering the sale of businesses, as he shares his best advice on how to sell your business for top dollar. Selling a business is no walk in the park – it’s a complex and time-consuming undertaking. But while the sale of every business is unique, the fundamentals are the same, and there are well-established steps you can take to find the right deal. The more prepared you are, the more likely you are to maximize profits.

Topics we’ll cover in our next webinar:


  • How is the price determined?
  • Business value factors
  • How to improve business value

In future webinars we will cover the Process, and Planning. If you’d like news on these upcoming webinars, sign up here and we’ll send you details on these webinars as we get closer.

Who is speaking:

Over the past 20 years Tim has facilitated over 200 business sales, both large and small, where his experience and expertise have provided for a smooth and mutually beneficial transition from the sellers to the buyers. Tim is also a licensed real estate broker in the states of Georgia and South Carolina.

Tim Dalton - Atlanta Business Broker