Our Targeted Acquisition Program, or targeted search, can make it easier for you to find and buy the right business. If you’re in the market to buy a business, you may discover it’s hard to find exactly the right business opportunity. Researching and locating suitable businesses is time consuming and can be frustrating. Experienced buyers often snap up the best listings as soon as they hit the market. Or, you could end up in a bidding war against a buyer with much deeper pockets.

Relax. Buying a business with the help of an acquisition search expert removes all those hassles, hurdles and risks.

The Process

  1. Submit the Targeted Acquisition Program retainer to your Integra broker.
  2. Schedule a private business search consultation with one of our experienced professionals. A member of our team will spend time with you discussing the type, location and price of the business(es) you’re looking for. If you aren’t sure, our comprehensive Acquisition Criteria Worksheet will help you define the business that suits you best.
  3. Your Integra representative conducts an actual search of thousands of businesses on your behalf, and based on the information you have given us, develops a short list of prospective businesses that match your needs. Even if their business aren’t for sale, business owners often warm to the idea of selling when presented with a qualified buyer who is genuinely interested in buying a company like theirs. That way, you’re the only buyer in the running – no competing bids and no need to rush in with an offer until you’re ready.
  4. Together, you and your Integra representative review a short list of prospective businesses and determine the perfect acquisition for you.
  5. Target a business. Research, investigate and examine with due diligence. Our acquisition search experts find businesses that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. And we can help with negotiations, legalities, and finalizing the deal, which makes it even easier for you to buy a business.
  6. Make an offer and close your deal!

The Results

You will find a business you can be excited about for life.


  • Peace of Mind – Security that you purchased the right business for your family.
  • Targeted Searching – Save time and effort by avoiding businesses that don’t suit your needs.
  • Experience – We have more than 17 years experience helping buyers acquire businesses.