Often times it is more cost effective and time efficient for a company looking to expand by way of growth of its existing facilities or to develop additional product lines, to do this through acquiring or merging with another company or companies of similar operations and/or products. Integra offers professional help in seeking out companies that would be ideal targets for such an acquisition or merger. You supply us with feedback to help us profile the right company for an acquisition or merger, and we take it from there.

We then seek out companies that fit that profile and approach the owners to determine their attitude toward entering negotiations for a take over or merger. If we secure a positive response, we will then establish a written agreement of cooperation and proceed to gather all pertinent information and financial statements, which will then be packaged for presentation to you for review. Should you react positively, we will then set up the appropriate meetings and visits, and perform all necessary intermediary functions with a goal to concluding a successful acquisition or merger.

To start this process, please contact us.