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great for kids, nephews loved them. They played in them the entire afternoon. Shipment cam as expected and on time. Would purchase again. Nice product.
  Nawfel Laabidi

Order this item, as it only had the original product # and the picture without the metal bushing. I got exactly what I ordered, and the washing machine has been going strong since replacing those other defective parts from the other vendor. These came in a day before the shipping date, so that was a bonus! I would order these again.
I order this similar item from another vendor, the picture did not match the product I received, it had the metal bushing in the center. Needless to say, one of the coupler only lasted about 4 loads before one of them broke loose and spun freely. Replaced it with OEM one that didn’t break, and the other one lasted 2 loads and broke free as well..

  Ivan Silva

Houston Astros overcome total material to find very first time that in team historical background

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