Are you considering buying a business? Did you know some of our best brokers have been business buyers too?

Integra Business Brokers is looking for highly motivated individuals to train as business brokers. Instead of placing a large down payment on a business to make a sizable income, how about an opportunity to make the same amount with no upfront cost!?! We offer free training that will enable you to earn top commissions.

If you are interested in learning about business brokerage and how you can become a successful broker too, please call or email today! We are excited about this opportunity and hope you are too! We know you have what it takes to succeed!

What is Business Brokerage?

Business brokerage is a growing industry that is both challenging and rewarding. Our business brokers sell small and mid-sized, privately- held companies. These highly specialized intermediaries help business sellers convert their hard- earned business equity into cash. Simultaneously, they help business buyers realize their dreams of being an independent business owner. In short, business brokerage offers the opportunity to play a valued role at the most critical juncture of the business life cycle- ownership transition.

Business brokers assist sellers with determining the value of their business, establishing their asking price, identifying prospective buyers, facilitating negotiation and closing arrangements, thereby enabling seller to concentrate on the management of their businesses during the business sales process.

For buyers, Integra business brokers serve as a single-source for thousands of businesses listed for sale. Our brokers, in turn, work with buyers to target specific opportunities that match the buyers’ previous business experiences, skills, desires and expectations. Integra brokers add value to the buyer-side of the transaction by streamlining the overall purchase process and expediting the timeframe in which a business is transitioned to new ownership.

This position operates as an independent contractor, retained by the Integra office owner. This arrangement affords a great deal of personal and professional freedom, allows brokers to select their clientele and leverage their previous work experience by focusing on particular industries and market niches. This is a full-time, commission only position and can be very lucrative. The average gross commission size is 10% of the purchase price, with many successful brokers closing 8 or more transactions a year. To practice as a business broker in Georgia, brokers must obtain a Georgia Real Estate License. New brokers should also anticipate a 3-4 month sales cycle and be financially capable of supporting themselves for that period of time.

An Ideal Candidate will also have the following characteristics and skills:

  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Computer literate
  • Sales experience
  • Strong work ethic
  • Highest level of integrity and character
  • Desire to make money
  • Comfortable working in a commission only position with high commission potential
  • Prior business ownership a plus
  • A current Georgia Real Estate License

Who do I contact if I would like to become a business broker with Integra Business Brokers?

If you are interested in becoming a business broker; please call our office at 1 (888) 415-5118 and ask to speak with the Office Manager.

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