Q: Why use a Franchise Specialist?

A: A Franchise Specialist will take the time to educate the buyer on the franchise industry and walk the buyer through the entire evaluation process. The specialist will define the buyer’s qualifications so he/she doesn’t waste energy on concepts that would not be a good fit or those that he/she isn’t qualified to purchase.

Q: How does Integra Franchise Specialists differ from a standard business brokerage?

A: A business brokerage lists and sells existing businesses, often including real estate & leases in the sale. Usually these are local businesses run by local owners. Integra Franchise is a department within Integra Business Brokers and concentrates on franchise opportunities that are awarding new territories.

Q: Does Integra Franchise Specialists charge any up-front fees?

A: NO. You never pay us for any of our work, before or after the purchase. We are paid a referral fee from the franchisors.

Q: Do I pay more for a franchise by dealing with a Integra Franchise Specialist?

A: NO. You will pay the published price for any franchise just as if you had gone directly to the seller.

Q: What kind of franchise opportunities does Integra Franchise Specialists work with?

A: We work with opportunities in the Service, Retail, Coaching/Consulting, Home-Based, Food/Restaurant, Finance, Business-2-Business, Health/Wellness, Fitness, Automotive, Home Improvement, Healthcare and Master Franchise Opportunities.