Small Business Loans

Integra Business Brokers understands the needs of small business and the requirement for financing to help your business grow.  That is why we have partnered with a lender that provides Fast and Affordable fixed term loans to small businesses.  Planning an expansion or increased marketing? Need a piece of equipment or an inventory buy that will improve your business?  Having trouble or don’t have time to secure funds with a traditional lender? 90% of our loans are to businesses that have been turned down by a bank.  Give us a call or click the link to get started. No cost or obligation to apply.

•    Flexible – $25,000 to $500,000 loans with 1 to 5 year terms.
•    Manageable – fixed, monthly principal and interest repayments.
•    Fast – 10 minute application, funding in less than 10 days.
•    Easy – minimal paperwork, apply online or call us for assistance.
•    Affordable- rates start at 5.49%, with typical rates less than a credit card.
•    Transparent – no hidden fees with only a one-time origination fee.


•    Must be incorporated or LLC
•    In business for a minimum of 2 years, no Start-ups
•    Borrower FICO    >   620
•    Business Revenue    >   $150,000 annually
•    Business Income   >   $0, tax return must show a profit greater than $0
•    Bankruptcies    <   7years, no prior history

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Any business purchase, in the end, generally requires financing. It is seldom that a buyer (whether private or corporate), buys a business solely from their own funds. Even if that buyer could afford to do an all cash purchase; they usually elect to do some leveraging through outside financing. Very often availability of acceptable funding is required to assure a successful transaction. This is where Integra can help by arranging a seller financed loan or by facilitating a loan through one of its varied funding sources.

SBA Loans

Because of the risk involved in loaning money for the purchase of a privately held business, most lenders require the guaranteed backing of the SBA to make such a loan. We deal through Preferred and Certified SBA Lenders to expedite the process. Likewise, we know what the Lenders are looking for to approve a loan. We assist in packaging and presenting that information to the Lender to assure that the Buyer has the best opportunity for a successful application with the best possible terms and rate. Our involvement often has SBA loans funded in less than 4-6 weeks.

Commercial/Conventional Loans

We have funding sources available that, because of their in depth knowledge of a specific industry or franchise, are willing to make loans to buyers within that industry or for that franchise under very favorable terms. Integra is adept at facilitating these types of loans to assist buyers in purchasing a business or franchise.

Using your 401k or IRA Tax Free to Purchase a Business or Franchise

Most business buyers don’t realize they can access their retirement funds for the down payment on the purchase of a business or a franchise without incurring early distribution taxes or penalties. Integra can assist you in this process, which may provide you with the ability to purchase a business of your dreams that might otherwise not be possible.

Line of Credit

A line of credit against your stocks, bonds, mutual funds or over 25 other types of securities, through a major brokerage lender, with no transfer of title to your lender and no sale of your securities to fund your line. (Check with your licensed CPA first, but even your interest-only repayments monthly might be deductible!) It’s easy, and most of all, it’s simple and fast. All you need are the securities to guarantee your line, a simple 2-page agreement with no “fine print”, and your line will be open, typically in no more than 10 business days. Use as much or as little as you need (your low rate always stays the same). Forget the hoops and barriers and mountains of documents; you don’t even need credit, as credit is not used to determine eligibility for lines under $ 2 million. Now you can leave the micromanagement woes to the folks who got SBA loans.

Non-Traditional Forms of Financing

We also offer financing options for non-traditional forms of financing for businesses that don’t fit traditional lender qualifications. Ideal candidates for non-traditional financing are:

  • businesses with a short length of time in business.
  • lack of collateral
  • low credit rating
  • cash flow issues.

If one of these apply to you, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you thru the options that are available.