How to Prepare To Sell A Freight Logistics Company

To better serve their customers and increase productivity, supply chain and logistics company owners are always looking to improve their processes. The supply chain and logistics sector has expanded rapidly thanks to the "kaizen" (or "continuous improvement") strategy that underpins its success. There are several sub-industries that make up the supply chain and logistics sector, [...]

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A Guide to Selling an Automotive Body Shop Business

The auto service industry is vital to the American way of life, and auto body shops are one of its most profitable segments. In the United States, a family has an average of two cars. Considering that most people will have to take their cars to a body shop at least twice in their lifetime, [...]

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How To Sell Your Auto Repair Business

Consumers rely on professionals to provide products and services, and one of the most important services out there is a reliable auto repair shop. The COVID-19 pandemic may have reshaped the automotive industry, but the demand for auto repairs remains stronger than ever. If selling an auto repair shop is in your future, consider working [...]

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A Guide to Selling Your Healthcare Business

Medical experts are likely to be in high demand. In the next ten years, the industry is forecasted to grow by up to 16% (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022). You might want to start considering selling your healthcare company, whether a private physician's practice or a medical billing business, to gain from the anticipated [...]

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How To Sell An Insurance Agency

Selling an insurance agency should allow the seller to see the fruits of their labor. But sometimes, selling an agency can be tricky and regrettable. So, before selling an insurance agency, you need to ask yourself whether you truly want to sell it. Answering that question honestly will help define a clear purpose and motivation [...]

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How to Sell a Contracting Business

The contracting sector is a crucial significant economic engine, creating billions in value and offering millions of job opportunities. However, this industry can be challenging whether you own a smaller local firm or a large, multinational company. Operating a modern contracting company necessitates mastery of various moving parts. Servicing clients, handling cost delays and overruns, [...]

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A Guide To Selling Your Distribution Business

The first step in selling your distribution business is to start looking at your distribution company as a potential buyer. This will help you gain higher valuations when the time comes to sell your business. Before putting your distribution company on the market, you need to determine what makes it special. You will also need [...]

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How To Sell A Manufacturing Business

When considering how to sell a manufacturing business, there are many things to keep in mind before actually placing your manufacturing business for sale. Selling a business (especially in times of economic slump) comes with its challenges, some of which are common to all sorts of enterprises, while others are unique to manufacturing companies. Even [...]

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How to Buy a Manufacturing Business

The manufacturing industry has increasingly become a preferred option for anyone considering expanding their business acquisition portfolio. The demand for manufacturers continues to rise as many companies are in-sourcing more of their operations.  However, the major challenge for most investors is assessing a manufacturing business's true value. Herein are tips any investor should consider if [...]

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5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Business’ Value

Since buyers, through their offers, largely determine the price for which a business will sell, we have compiled several factors that affect a business’ value in the eyes of a buyer. Here are five of the several factors to consider if you want to achieve more value for your business. Companies with a monopoly in [...]

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