Our primary business brokerage services deliver a comprehensive experience that helps sellers maximize value and their chances of successfully selling their business, without the stress, due to our managing every aspect possible for them.  However, if you have the time, patience, and willingness to sell your business yourself, and you want to save on fees, you might consider our Business for Sale by Owner (FSBO) Program.

This program provides the following materials and services where a business seller typically needs the most help:

Valuation – We will provide a Brokers Opinion of Value, which is a snapshot review and estimation of value for the business. It is intended for informational purposes and can be used for marketing the business for sale, general financial planning, uncontested statement of value and other non-dispute related purposes.

Advertising – Integra Business Brokers already has premium paid-for access to the top 5 business for sale websites on the web. We will post your business opportunity on these websites and forward any buyer inquiries to you for follow up.

Confidentiality Agreement Form – This is a form that you as the business seller will want to get prospective buyers to sign before disclosing anything about your business, including the name, address or any other identifying information about your business.

Forms & Contracts – Once you have a buyer who is interested in purchasing your business, you need a formal written contract to address the sales price and terms of the sale. We know from experience that waiting on a buyer to make a written offer in contract form rarely happens thus you as the seller have to be proactive and have a contract available for a buyer to sign. We also provide buyer net worth statements, credit reporting authorizations, contract amendments, a closing checklist and other forms needed for a sale.

Process Outline – There are many steps related to selling a business and there is a good bit of due diligence that has to occur for a buyer to carry through to a purchase. The expertise lays in what information you share with a buyer and at what point in the process you do it. Some seller questions that this process provides insight for are:

  • How much financial information should I supply and when?
  • Should I let a buyer see my customer list?
  • Should a buyer be able to speak with my employees, customers, or vendors?
  • Should I let the buyer shadow me in my business to see how it operates?
  • When is the best time to tell my employees that I am selling the business?
  • How much training am I obligated to supply a new owner?
  • Will I have to sign a non-compete agreement?
  • How do I know the buyer has the financial capabilities to purchase my business?

These with many other questions have an appropriate time to be answered thus protecting your interests until the business is sold. Our process outline gives you a better sense of how best to work with a buyer and the appropriate time to release information about your business. For more information, give us a call at 706-650-1100 anytime 9AM – 5PM Monday thru Friday.