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5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Business’ Value


Since buyers, through their offers, largely determine the price for which a business will sell, we have compiled several factors that affect a business’ value in the eyes of a buyer. Here are five of the several factors to consider if you want to achieve more value for your business. Companies with a monopoly in [...]

10 Ways To Increase Your Business’s Value Before Selling


In pricing a business for sale, we usually look at a multiple of cash flow or seller’s discretionary earnings for the industry of the business we are valuing and arrive at a sales price. But what if I told you there was a way to maximize your business’ value and receive more than your industry [...]

Five Ways to Ensure Your Business Can Run Without You


We’ve addressed in the past the difference between having a true business versus just having a job within your business. The more a business can run without the owner involved in its direct operation, the more value the business has to the owner and any eventual acquirer. Some owners focus on growing their profits, while [...]

Common Traps Laid By Business Buyers


You might be eager to sell your business and happy to have an acquirer at your doorstep, but what’s it like when an acquirer starts looking inside every inch of your business?Most professional acquirers will have a checklist of questions – both objective and subjective – that they need answered before getting serious about buying [...]

The Hidden Goal of the Smartest Business Owners


What are your business goals? If you’re like most owners, you have a profit goal you want to hit. You might also have a top-line revenue number that’s important to you. While those goals are important, there is another objective that may have an even bigger payoff: building a salable business. But what if you [...]

When Is The Right Time To Sell Your Business?


Are you trying to time the sale of your business so that you exit when both your business and the economy are peaking? While your objective to build your company’s value is admirable, here are five reasons why you might want to sell sooner than you might think: You May be Choking Your Business. When [...]

How to Build Your Business for a Strategic Acquisition


In the past year, I've had multiple competitors approach me to acquire one of the businesses that I own. Being approached by competitors -- or anyone for that matter -- is always flattering, but, more importantly, it opens a door for many business owners that they have not considered in the past: selling their business. [...]

Should You Buy A New Business Or Start Your Own?


You’ve always wanted to own a business and go down the path of entrepreneurship. But you know starting a business such as an LLC from scratch can be time-consuming and financially draining. Maybe you should just buy an existing business instead? If you’re looking to buy a business, it’s not as simple as making the [...]